The Common Core Blame Game

National Review Online

By: Sonny Perdue


Every so often a public-policy issue arises that, fairly or unfairly, manages to become a convenient vehicle on which one political party or the other can pile its dissatisfaction, grievance, and resentment. The Common Core State Standards have become just that sort of favorite preoccupation for many conservatives — and much of the criticism is unwarranted.

It reminds me of the national debate over climate change. Conservatives throw up their hands when some on the left or in the mainstream media explain every deviation in weather as a consequence of climate change. Climate change, we’re told, is responsible for heavy rains and drought alike. Whether temperatures are unseasonably low or high, global warming is the culprit. Snowstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes have been around since the beginning of time, but now they want us to accept that all of it is the result of climate change.

It’s become a running joke among the public, and liberals have lost all credibility when it comes to climate science because their arguments have become so ridiculous and so obviously disconnected from reality.

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