The Case

The Case for Higher Standards:

For those wondering just how important the movement to raise standards in American schools is, take a moment to check out the conservative case for Common Core, fast facts on the initiative and education in the U.S. today and more.

The Conservative Case for Higher Standards: Learn more about why many conservative leaders across the country are supporting the movement to raise higher standards.

Fast Facts: Education in the U.S.: When state and business leaders, educators and parents talk about a “crisis” in education today, this isn’t an exaggeration. Take a “by the numbers” look at education in the United States.  

Fast Facts: Common Core State Standards: Don’t have time to read through the full version of the Common Core State Standards? Get the fast facts on this important initiative.

Debunking Myths about Common Core: Misinformation about higher standards is understandingly confusing parents and members of the public. If you have heard conflicting information about this initiative, take a moment to get the facts and decide for yourself.

Explaining the new English and Math Standards: Learn how the new standards raise academic expectations for students, what they include and what exactly this means in the classroom for students and teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions: From how new standards will impact student testing to the differences between curriculum and standards, take a moment to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Common Core initiative.