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    "Common Core finally gives us a standard where we will not have, 25% of the students right now in our country who earn a high school diploma, only 25% are ready for college course work. Every year families and taxpayers spend 3 billion dollars on remediation. Basically, we re-teaching high school level course work to college students and these standards are not going to solve every row in the public education system.

    -Patricia Levesque

Myth v Fact:

The most commonly raised concerns about the movement to raise academic standards are often rooted in misinformation or are just plain inaccurate. That’s not to say that all of the concerns about these standards are invalid or that higher standards are the sole solution to improving schools across the United States. This important education reform initiative deserves a thoughtful, informed debate. Most important is to understand that there are good conservatives – who all care about kids and schools – on both sides of this issue. Below are facts in response to common myths. Learn More.

The Hugh Hewitt Show: Talking “Common Core” with Patricia Levesque

“I think if you talk to most parents what’s still most parents have not heard about is Common Core and so a responsibility that we have and others who do support the higher standards is to make sure parents and teachers really do know what’s coming. And what is coming is a set of state-adopted, because states individually adopted through their constitutional or legislative or executive branch process, these academic standards and they have been adopted in most states for a couple of years. Parents need to understand how fantastic these standards are going to be for their children, because for the first time we actually started by looking at college and career readiness. -Patricia Levesque. Learn More.