• Conservatives Support Higher Core Standards

    “The Common Core State Standards are a building block in our state’s education system meant to ensure that teachers and districts can innovate within a framework of high expectations and accountability. They are based on the fundamental belief that every child in every classroom deserves an education that will properly equip them with the skills they need for college and a career. Our aggressive implementation of these standards in partnership with districts will ensure that our children have an education that will serve them well in the next stages of their lives.”

    - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Myth v Fact:

The most commonly raised concerns about the movement to raise academic standards are often rooted in misinformation or are just plain inaccurate. That’s not to say that all of the concerns about these standards are invalid or that higher standards are the sole solution to improving schools across the United States. This important education reform initiative deserves a thoughtful, informed debate. Most important is to understand that there are good conservatives – who all care about kids and schools – on both sides of this issue. Below are facts in response to common myths. Learn More.

The Conservative Case

The education reform movement in the U.S. was largely driven by bold conservative leaders who were tired of lagging student achievement and willing to stand up to education bureaucracies and the powerful teachers unions. They sought to put the interests of kids ahead of adults in the system. The proven recipe for effective education reform reflects enduring conservative principles that can drive improvement in any organization – whether in government or the private sector, including more choices, higher standards, strong accountability, data-driven decisions, and rewards for success and consequences for failure. Learn More.