• Help Make America Strong

    “Strong schools are the surest path to our nation’s long-term economic success. America’s students are now competing with children around the globe for jobs and opportunities after graduation. We need to maintain a national focus to ensure our kids are ready to compete and ready to win.

    That’s why our nation’s governors committed to this effort to create a common set of high expectations for students across the country. The Common Core State Standards reflect what can come from cooperation to improve student achievement.”

    -Delaware Governor Jack Markell

Myth v Fact:

The most commonly raised concerns about the movement to raise academic standards are often rooted in misinformation or are just plain inaccurate. That’s not to say that all of the concerns about these standards are invalid or that higher standards are the sole solution to improving schools across the United States. This important education reform initiative deserves a thoughtful, informed debate. Most important is to understand that there are good conservatives – who all care about kids and schools – on both sides of this issue. Below are facts in response to common myths. Learn More.

Fast Facts: Raise Academic Standards

Improving the quality of education delivered in American classrooms through higher standards holds the potential to lessen the next generation’s reliance on our ever-expanding entitlement and corrections programs. Higher standards will prepare our future workforce for the global economy, strengthening our nation’s competitiveness. They will also save taxpayer money. In addition to reducing the need for costly remediation in college, Common Core will lead to more competition and innovation in the education marketplace, driving down costs for states and districts. Learn More.