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Sign the Petition: Fight Federal Overreach in Education:

The movement to raise standards is state-driven – it’s not a federal initiative. But, there is no question that protecting the right of states to make their own decisions when it comes to educating kids is paramount. States, not the federal government, are the true drivers of reform – where game-changing efforts like parental choice, vouchers and ending teacher tenure are succeeding today.

We encourage you to sign this petition now, rejecting federal overreach in education, especially when it concerns standards in the classroom. Thankfully, many governors and state leaders around the country understand how important it is to make school more rigorous and they are leading the movement to raise standards. That is further evidence that states alone should have the authority to voluntarily adopt academic standards.

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The federal government does not have the constitutional right to determine how children will be educated. 

I believe government functions best when it is limited and local. Educating students is a state function and states are best equipped to make decisions about education. 

I believe we must:

  • Reject further federal overreach in education. 
  • Protect states’ right to decide how kids are taught.   
  • Raise academic standards for students. 
  • Adopt bold education reforms that will improve the quality of education in my state and keep us economically competitive. 
  • Protect student privacy and prevent invasive federal data collection. 

I am signing this petition to support efforts to reject federal overreach in education, raise standards for students and improve schools for children in my state.  

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