Common Core Eases One Burden for Military Families

News Observer

By: Paul Eaton


Growing up in a military family is stressful. We put up with repeated parent deployments to dangerous places. We’re asked to endure frequent moves, to abandon our friends and teachers, and to adapt to new environments.

We can all agree that what children of military families don’t need is extra stress in the classroom. But too often schools in different districts and states have dissimilar curricula, standards and graduation requirements. So when every state in the union has its own standards, military sons and daughters are either bored because they have already mastered the material or forced to play catch-up.

Continuing to move forward with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards will go a long way to reduce education-imposed stress upon children and parents alike in North Carolina.

I have a little experience in this matter. I was raised in an Air Force fighter pilot’s home, married the daughter of a career Marine and raised three children. I and my four siblings each attended three high schools – freshman year in one, sophomore and junior in a second, and senior year in yet a third. It took a lot of work, family organization and humor to get it done, but it was harder than it needed to be.

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