America’s Top CEOs Discuss Need for Higher Standards

America’s Top CEOs Discuss Need for Higher Standards


Watch best-selling author Amanda Ripley moderate a discussion the some of America’s top CEOs on the need for higher academic standards, featuring Jorge L. Benitez, Chief Executive (United States) and Senior Managing Director (North America), Accenture; Frederick Humphries, Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs, Microsoft Corporation; Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil; Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC.

American students must be able to compete with their peers across the country – not to mention the rest of the world. However, when compared internationally, students from the United States aren’t performing as well as students in other countries, most of which spend far less per pupil.

For employers seeking skilled, knowledgeable employees, this reality has serious economic growth and sustainability implications.  Thankfully, Common Core State Standards hold the potential to increase our nation’s global competitiveness, all the while allowing for more innovation in the classroom and less regulation.

This video features several of America’s top CEOs, representing some of the most respected corporate brands in the world, as they discuss this hotly debated topic and share their thoughts on the Common Core State Standards and the talent capital needs of our nation’s economy, today and decades beyond.


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